38 Reasons for Teaching Yoga

Kristina Lanuza, Sumukhi, Hanumanasana, Yoga Illumined, Yoga Teacher Training, Yogafly. Reasons to teach Yoga, After I completed a few yoga teacher trainings (I’m not one to do anything lightly), I would hear myself saying, “wow, everyone should do a yoga teacher training.”  And generally, I say this because there is always some seemingly difficult situation in life that is simply helped by Yoga.  And why teacher training, and not just Yoga?  Because it takes all this Guru business and putting others as leaders of one’s self out of the picture.  So there’s reason #1.

1) Teaching Yoga means you understand that You are Your own Greatest Teacher.

2) When you understand You are Your own Greatest Teacher, then you understand that every individual in the world is their own greatest Teacher.

3) When you understand that every individual in the world is their own Greatest teacher, you stop pitying or feeling sorry for anyone.

4) When you stop feeling sorry for anyone, you realize there are no Victims in this world.

5) When you realize there are no Victims in this world, you treat all humans with genuine love and respect for wherever they are in life.

6) Yoga teachers cannot teach what they do not practice.  The very act of dedicating one’s self to teaching yoga means that you commit yourself to a lifelong practice of Yoga.

7) A lifelong practice of Yoga means that one moves and lives in harmony with Nature.

8) When a Yoga practitioner gets settled in the meditative practices of Yoga, he/she teaches simply by Being.

9) Teaching Yoga gives you a Universal perspective that includes seeing your self in the greater context of society, your community and the world.

10) Yoga teachers work and practice with people of all different statures, shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds.  And this helps you gain a tremendous perspective into the beautiful diversity of human beings.

11) When you are able to see the beautiful diversity of all human beings from the perspective of a Yoga teacher, you gain tremendous compassion.

12) For every unique situation in life, there is a Yoga practice.  Yoga teachers continuously tap into the endless supply of yoga techniques to help themselves work with challenges (their own and others) on and off the mat.

13) Teaching Yoga helps you see others as your Self.

14) Hatha Yoga teachers gain a deep respect for every stage of life as we help others move through postures that embody human development from the embryo, to crawling and upward to standing postures.  We also gain wisdom from working with bodies in all stages of life from birth, tween, teen, twenties, thirties, forties, mid-life, older ages and death.

15) Yoga teachers help others apply timeless yoga principles into all situations, off the mat and into life.

16) Yoga teachers serve as examples of some of the highest, eternal wisdom teachings applicable in any era, time, place, situation.

17) A yoga teacher lets the Soul lead the ego, again and again.

18) Yoga teachers get to wear all sorts of creative gear to work from spandex, to sari(s), to turbans, to bathing suits, to nothing at all (naked yoga is all the rage in the big cities).

19) When you spend a lot of time practicing Yoga, you can’t help but teach it.  Even without teaching.

20) Yoga teachers are flexible, yet strong, and help others attain this.

21) Yoga teachers get to use one of the original Proto-Indo-European languages, Sanskrit, in everyday speech.

22) Because yoga teachers (who love Sanskrit) chant and teach with the language, their voices become sweeter and more resonant.

23) Yoga teachers become great public speakers.  This puts the greatest fear in the world — public speaking — in its place.

24) By teaching the practices of Shavasana (corpse pose), Yoga Nidra (the Yoga of sleep) and relaxation, Yoga teachers become excellent guides into releasing the body into Death, thereby helping others overcome  both insomnia and the fear of death.

25) Teaching yoga is an excellent complement to healthcare practices and professions such as medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy and psychotherapy.

26) Yoga teachers are dedicated to health and well-being and inspire others to live healthy, happy lives, not just on the physical dimension, but also mentally and spiritually.

27) Hatha Yoga teachers strike beautiful poses everywhere and encourage others to do the same.

28) Hatha Yoga teachers make creative use of furniture, walls, hand-rails, stairs as props to help them with asanas (yoga postures).

29) Yoga teachers know how to communicate powerfully with others through gestures (telekinesis, telepathy for the truly advanced) and body language, not just words.

30) Yoga teachers know the difference between embodying the practices of Yoga versus acting out as a pedantic preacher.

31) Teaching Yoga is deep service.  Yoga teachers make a lamp of themselves and illuminate the Hearts of all beings.

32) Yoga teachers learn the Most about what Yoga from their students.

33) Yoga teachers tap into the Universal pulse of life and encourage others to do the same.

34) Sharing poetry and music are part of a yoga teacher’s daily life.

35) A yoga teacher’s daily jobe is to bring heaven to earth.

36) A yoga teacher serves as a bridge between the mundane and the sacred.

37) Yoga teachers laugh and smile a lot.

38) Yoga teachers are excellent at math because we do everything 108 times (this here blog post will get there, I promise).

More soon.



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