Light on Heather Oswalt: Yoga Illumined Teacher and Bodyworker

Heather Oswalt, Yoga Illumined, Castle Hill - photo by Amelia Raun, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Illumined, Yogafly

Do yourself a favor and catch one of Heather’s public Yoga class offerings in Austin, Texas.  She is also a bodyworker who offers a full range of Thai massage, deep tissue or shiatsu combined with a deep awareness of Yoga.  Heather’s email handle is  I love dropping Hbombs. 🙂 Seriously, anyone who knows Heather […]

Yoga Illumined Teacher Training: Interview with Stacey Gilmore, Physical Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Stacey Gilmore, Yogafly, Yoga Illumined Teacher Training, Austin, Texas, Castle Hill, Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit

1) When did you graduate from Yoga Illumined? Stacey Gilmore:  December 2013 2) What inspired you to take Yoga Illumined? SG:  I wanted to help spread overall wellness in the community and among the non-injured population. With yoga, I saw the chance to be able to offer a way to prevent the injuries I see […]

The Science of Yoga

Yoga Illumined, Yoga Sutras, Guruji, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramamurti S. Msihra, M.D., Yogafly, Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza

Science is the study of the phenomenal world – that which can be measured and quantified.  And Yoga is the Science of studying the one who is measuring and quantifying.  In Yoga, we observe the Observer.  We can’t take ourselves out of the equation. Therefore we practice “Svadhyaya” – self-study and we Witness the comings […]

February 25th – April 8th: 5 Yoga classes designed to Align your 5 Bodies, with Sumukhi at Yoga Black Lagoon

Sumukhi, Yoga Black Lagoon, Align the Five Bodies, Gallery Black Lagoon, Kristina Lanuza

Yoga Black Lagoon is located at the corner of 43rd Street and Guadalupe in Austin, Texas. Tuesdays at 7:30pm, $20 Drop-in or Single Class (Purchase HERE: $75 for all 5 Weeks) 1) Anamayakosha – physical body. Sumukhi will lead your body through a series of grounding and strengthening Yoga Postures.  The musculo-skeletal system of the body will […]

Soulful Sex

Soulful Sex Summit, Yoga and Sex

I was recently interviewed by Stephana Johnson, personal coach, whose mission is to help women — especially those who have been victims of sexual abuse — become empowered both personally and professionally.  She has put together a FREE Virtual Event — February 7-14, 2014 — for those who want to hear more about how to […]

Diversity in Yoga

Yogafly, Sumukhi, Yoga Illumined, Anandamayakosha

Being non-white in the United States is always, let’s say, an “interesting” experience.  There are cultural faux pas that I hear all the time from my white friends in the U.S. that I have learned to ignore over the years.  Things like, “oh I love Asian people and Oriental food!”  Or “Wait, you’re not Mexican?”  […]

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