How to do Forearm Stand

Yoga Illumined, Yoga Illumined Teacher Training

This asana or Hatha yoga posture is called Pincha Mayurasana or feathered peacock.  You can view Yogafly’s demonstration by clicking here. This is an inversion – which is super energizing and balancing for the body.  It powers up the shoulder-blades, arms and upper body and relaxes the mind.  Breath is very important in all asanas.  […]

Amba Parameshwari Akhilandeshwari

The melody is from Heather and Benjy Wertheimer.  I love this verse, I think I change it a little, but still makes sense: Amba Parameshwari Akhilandeshwari Adi Parashakti Palaya Mam Tri Bhuvaneshwari Raja Maheshwari Ananda Rupini Palaya Mam Sat-chit-Ananda Rupini Palaya Mam OM Shantih.  OM.  OM Shantih. OM.  OM Shantih OM. Great Mother Goddess beyond […]

Amma’s Cosmic Hug

Amma, Mother, Yogafly

A few of the folks from Yoga Illumined and I are going to see Amma in Dallas this June.  And I am more than grateful for two days of darshan with Amma – which is so difficult to even explain, this word, Darshan.  It seems that Google and Wikipedia can’t quite explain it.  The link from the word “Darshan” […]

Yoga, Impressions and Projections

As a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and plain ol’ human person living an ordinary life with others, I am often struck by our need as humans to be “impressed” by one another.  On one hand, it is so amazing to be inspired and influenced by each other to attain our highest goals and to […]

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