Beyond Limitations into the Limitless

The “Victim” archetype is always a good one to examine and understand.  I’ve been fascinated by its stronghold in the psyches of many, including my own.  And really as Caroline Myss explains, it is one of the 4 Archetypes that is common to all human beings – Victim, Saboteur, Child and Prostitute.  The Victim is the primary archetype playing itself out within us and with our friends/loved ones/co-workers when we feel vulnerable or helpless or sick or tired.

What I have found, though, is sitting pretty and happily next to the Victim is its lovely opposite:  Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence – as Guruji liked to explain as the true nature of the I-AM in all of us.  This Earth School we are all living in – is a potent school and because of the transitory nature of human existence, the Victim can often play out over our understanding of our Infinite Natures.  This is to be expected, as it’s such a paradox to be both limitless and utterly limited at the same time.  So we play with the two worlds.

And I have found that the more vulnerable I am – meaning the more Real, not meaning that I sit around spilling my guts to anyone and everyone who will listen.  Such a mistaken understanding of vulnerability – the whole bleeding Heart thing — or really overly raw mouth from yakking at everyone about your fears and wounds and difficulties.  Give it to three people and then shut up about it.  I like this rule.  I also got this from Myss.  She’s really helped me out a lot.  The wonderful Caroline Myss.  The “tell 3 people and then shut up about it” rule means that unless you really want everyone to identify you with all of your (our) collective human weaknesses and faults, then just confess these faults or sins or digressions or weaknesses to three people and then shut up.  Otherwise, you will be known as that dude or dudette who just can’t seem to get his or her shit together.

Because the fact of the matter is – your existence, your Beingness, your presence means you have succeeded.  It’s the whole point of meditation.  Meditation says – wow – look I can witness the fact that the body gets sick, the body gets unhappy, the body changes, the body warps and it woofs – but there is this Beingness in me that continues, thrives and is ridiculously Blissful no matter how the winds HOWL or the cedar (in Austin, Texas particularly) want to pollinate me with allergens.

And the Victim then settles back and says – cool – vulnerabilities and weakness are part of what make me humble and human.  I can use these as Strengths.  I can use these vulnerabilities to really be awestruck at the divine miracle of Life, which is fragile at best, and not to be taken for granted.  And I can be at ease, at peace beyond all of my limitations and weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  Such a gift.  This practice of Yoga.  Such a gift.

Om shantih om,


photo by Perla Paredes Daly, creator of

Sumukhi, Yogafly, Yoga Illumined, Sumukhi Devi, Austin, Texas

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