Indian Philosophy

Know your Self

If I can summarize yoga in as few words as possible, it is a system that ensures that we know our selves, or the Self.  I have watched my own relationship with what this means change, grow, expand, shrink, in proportion to whatever emotions, thoughts and feelings are dominating at a certain point in life. […]

Navaratri and the Golden Age of the Devi

I asked Amma Sri Karunamayi in my Heart – how do I truly honor the Divine Feminine? This question, of course, was inspired by the current presidential election in the United States when we finally may have a woman in the position of Commander-in-Chief.  Fact is the Divine Feminine has been quite suppressed by the patriarchy […]

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Yoga Illumined Creativity

Creativity is one of the highest expressions of love.  When you are at ease, creativity flows like clear water.  I’ve realized that the greatest enemy to creativity is the Unexamined Mind.  And when one is able to put all doubts in a container and simply flow in the realm of no judgment – well, one […]

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Representin’ Austin, Texas Yoga this month in Mantra, Yoga + Health Magazine

Mantra Mag – is out on newsstands NOW.  Zoe Mantarakis and I – along with Yoga Illumined graduates Talitha Wallick and Brian Henderson were asked by Mantra, Yoga & Health magazine what our wishes were for yoga teachers.  Here’s what we said: Talitha Wallick: I wish yoga teachers would be more playful.  This is […]

What is a Guru?

“You have to understand the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to do something which will live forever.” -Yogi Bhajan Possibly one of the most misunderstood concepts in modern, American Yoga is the concept of “Guru.”  But I understand why it is misunderstood.  For one,  a Guru is not exactly someone who can […]

The Six Schools Of Indian Philosophy

I kinda like to title a blog post with the word “Six” and have a picture of Guruji – Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramamurti S. Mishra holding up his hand – as if to denote “Five”.  This first Weekend of Yoga Illumined, we went over the Six Schools of Indian Philosophy.   I’ve added a picture […]

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