The Darkness and the Light

On any spiritual path, if it’s any good, we face the darkest sides of the psyche and consciousness.  I’ve never been much of a follower of dictates of “right” and “wrong” in “black” and “white.”  I’ve always seen life as a lot more nuanced than two shades.  When I am asked about an either/or or […]

3 Yoga Steps for Achieving your Goals

If I ever feel that my goals are unachievable, difficult or just plain impossible, it is because my mind is cluttered and filled with distractions.  I now use the agitated or anxious mind as a trigger to practice more yoga, more sadhana.  The practice of Yoga sadhana is a de-cluttering of the mind.  It is a smoothing out […]

Sadhana – Spiritual Practices of Yoga

When you read Iyengar’s “Light on Yoga” – a beautiful adaptation of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika for modern-day yoga practitioners, you’ll often see the word “sadhaka.”  This word implies the person doing the practice of Sadhana – the spiritual disciplines of Yoga.  In our world today, yoga has become a very fashionable series of exercises […]

Byron Katie, The Work and Money

These YouTube videos with Byron Katie and Joginder Bola have us questioning our thoughts about money and whether or not we have enough.  Byron Katie put all of the teachings of Vedanta Yoga into practice.  Question the mind.  You create your own reality.  And you can change it, by questioning your thoughts.  Powerful work. The last video […]

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