How to do Forearm Stand

This asana or Hatha yoga posture is called Pincha Mayurasana or feathered peacock.  You can view Yogafly’s demonstration by clicking here.

Toby practices a non-inverted forearm stand in this photo.

Toby practices a non-inverted forearm stand in this photo.

This is an inversion – which is super energizing and balancing for the body.  It powers up the shoulder-blades, arms and upper body and relaxes the mind.  Breath is very important in all asanas.  I am practicing Ujjayi – Victorious breath – in the demo.  Ujjayi is an audible breath through the back of the throat and neck that is also very heating to the body.

Beginners practice:

1) Place forearms on the ground so that elbows are aligned underneath the shoulders.

2) Draw thighs up and back, bring your buttocks to the sky and straighten legs.  Bicycle the legs back and forth to get used to “forearm downward facing dog”

3)  Make sure to pick your head up to look at the ground between your elbows

4) Breathe

5) Relax out of the pose in child’s pose – balasana – with knees on the ground and arms out in front, palms up or down

6)  Try #1-4 again, and this time, pick one leg up.  Release it.  And pick the other leg up.  And Release.

7) Relax and enjoy

8) Try steps 1-4 again and this time, try kicking up and coming back down.  Kicking up and down is all about a soft landing, so that you don’t crush into your knees or ankles.  Landing softly is all about having your knees bent and your toes curled under (important to practice barefoot).

Always fun to practice with a friend or partner !  Be safe.

Om shantih om,


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