How to Make Ghee

by Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza

I have had a life-long relationship and passion for health, healing and medicine.  Kerry Meath-Sinkin is a great friend and Ayurvedic practitioner who has truly made Ayurveda – the ancient science of health and healing from India – accessible and useful in my everyday life.  The results of my daily Ayurvedic regimen, prescribed by Kerry, have been tremendous:  
I feel more at ease, grounded, stable and beautiful. I sleep better. The food I eat nourishes me in a deeper way. I have more energy. I feel balanced. My joints move more smoothly. My skin feels and looks better. I am less prone to sudden bursts of hunger. I breathe easier. My Yoga asana practice and meditations are more potent. The list goes on and on.

Ayurveda asks us to use ingredients, herbs, oils, foods and natural substances found in nature and all around us as tools for optimal health.

Ghee is one of these incredibly medicinal substances. What is Ghee? It is clarified butter. We use it for so many things in Ayurveda and Yoga: as a cooking agent, oil and for Vedic fire ceremonies which includes chanting and meditation. Here is an article on 15 amazing benefits of ghee.

Watch this Yoga Illumined Ayurveda video on how to make ghee.

To learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda – download and watch our Vimeo on Demand videos.

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