Know your Self

If I can summarize yoga in as few words as possible, it is a system that ensures that we know our selves, or the Self.  I have watched my own relationship with what this means change, grow, expand, shrink, in proportion to whatever emotions, thoughts and feelings are dominating at a certain point in life.  But at the end of the day, with all the accumulated years and practices of yoga, there is something that I can see, Witness, from the larger vantage point beyond thoughts and emotions – and it is that the glory of the Universe wishes to express itself through this individuality – call it ego, as we have so few words to call it – and all egos in the most unique way given to each one of us.

It is the fact that each of us is so different, physically and mentally that makes the expression so unique — and yet, the shakti, the bliss and the energy are the same, essentially.

If we can simply move past the fleeting thoughts, emotions, memories, current world affairs, relationships for a few minutes, in meditation, in yoga, we are able to tap into the Self, free of all obstructions, creative, wild and free.  And when we train the body, mind in the techniques of yoga and meditation, the expressions become, simply: art.  Divine music.  Joy.

May all beings know your essential nature as bliss.


Om shantih om,


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