Light on Shelli Lopes-Barnes, Yoga Illumined 2011

“I belong to love,” – Shelli Lopes-Barnes

Shelli Lopes-Barnes, Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork, Healing, Austin, Texas, Yoga Illumined, Yoga Therapy

Shelli Lopes-Barnes, LMT, RYT

The truly courageous stop at nothing to uncover every ounce of their actions, thoughts, words and deeds that keep them from being happy and free.  A graduate of Yoga Ilumined 2011, Shelli Lopes-Barnes is one of these incredibly courageous and loving beings who, on every step of the journey into the Self, the Heart of Hearts, conquers her fears and embraces what she finds.  And keeps on keepin on.  It ain’t easy, this spiritual practice of Yoga.  But it is ultimately rewarding.  And even when the going gets the toughest, I have seen Shelli persevere.  It’s really been amazing to share this spiritual journey with her.    She says the first time she practiced Hatha Yoga with me, we were working on forearm stands and she fell out, and me, the ever-loving Yogafly could not stop laughing.  And she thought, “who is this beee-otch, laughing at me?”  And we have been friends ever since.

I’ll never forget how Shelli and her husband Noel came over to take care of me and my dog, Bentley, when my father passed earlier this year.  It was incredibly wonderful to have two such dear friends packing my clothes as I freaked out on every dimension and rushed to get to the hospital.  In this journey, we know our truest  friends are those who pull each other  out of any difficult situation into grace and freedom.  Shelli is one of these wonderful friends.  And her husband Noel is a gem.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Can’t say enough thank yous to you both.

Through her own Self-healing and many years of massage, bodywork and Yoga practices, Shelli has found a way to help others rejuvenate their bodies, minds and spirits. The therapeutic massage she offers is filled with Prana, cosmic pulsation, deep tissue work that pulls out all of your tensions.  It’s an incredible gift to have all of these amazing healers, Yogis and friends in my life.  I cannot feel grateful enough that we can laugh together in Yoga.

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Om shantih om,


Shelli Lopes-Barnes, Austin, Texas, Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Yoga, Yoga Illumined

Shelli Lopes-Barnes, deep in the Heart of Texas. Photo by Noel Barnes

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