Mother Nature will Always Win

Mother Nature and the beautiful inter-dependence of the world’s ecosystems are wonderful and awe-inspiring.  Every time people ask me what I think about the state of the world and the environmental disasters happening – from global warming to oil spills to tsunamis and typhoons – I say this:  “Mother Nature will always win.”  And then I explain that having studied Biology and reproductive sciences in college, I have come to realize that one of the most difficult species to sustain on this planet is Homo sapiens  or “people.”  That’s an interesting statement, right?  And even within the Animal Kingdom, the category in which Homo sapiens belong, Insects (insects are classified within the Animal Kingdom) are the most hardy.  Radiation from a nuclear bomb would have a harder time annihilating the cockroach.  Seems cockroaches do have an uncanny ability to be able to handle large amounts of radioactive material, but human beings, well, we don’t do so well to put it mildly.

Yogafly, Yoga Illumined, Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza  So I always say, hey, if we Homo sapiens don’t learn to work with the rest of the species of living beings on this planet, the only demise that is immanent will be that of human-kind.  Nature will continue.  She is all powerful.  But any species that can’t adapt will be extinguished.

My theory is not really a doomsday theory, in my oh so humble opinion (anyone who claims they are humble should read about Uriah Heep in David Cooperfield).  It is simply an observation from a small drop in the ocean of humanity. A human being takes, what, 18-25 years to develop?  Whew.  That’s a long time!  Compare it to how long a dog or a cat takes to develop.  Human beings require shelter from Mother Nature, we require vehicles for transportation, we require food and clothing.  Other species do not require as much.  Kingdom Plantae (for the most part – loads of other factors such as temperature, location, soil, etcetera) only requires the Sun, Carbon Dioxide and H2O.  We require Sun, CO2, H2O and even MORE.  It’s really an amazing thing to meditate upon.

And even with our insatiable appetites, long development cycles, Home sapiens continue to persevere and evolve.  What a mystery.

So what do we do to keep our immanent (I’m very dramatic, but so are many of you) demise at bay?

I have 2 words:

Minimize Consumption.

And then here are some more:

Take care of Kingdom Plantae, Kingdom Monera,  Kingdom Fungi, Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Animalia, the waterways of the World, take care of uni-cellular organisms.  And Mother Nature will take care of You.  And me (oh so humble me ;-).

Much love and infinite pranams to the Great Mother Earth,


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