Saturn Mantra and Yantra

Saturday is the planet Saturn’s day.  Saturn, as we know it from images taken by NASA, is a beautiful gaseous orb with rings around its center or equator.  It’s thought of as a very mysterious planet with all sorts of glorious secrets.

Saturn’s mantra is Om Sham Shanaye Namaha.  You can chant it here:

I like to think of mantras to the planets as ways for us to work in alignment, unIMG_4267ion or yoga with the planets.  Astrology is something quite fun to play with – both Western and Vedic.  I’m always quite aware that with astrology there is an interpreter and mind that looks at the charts for you (unless you know how to read charts yourself) and the more meditative and non-attached the mind, the better the astrology interpretation.  But I am also aware that with deep sadhana, spiritual practice, one may change the arrangement of the planets or better yet, not be affected by them so much.

This Saturn yantra, pictured, painted by Sarah Tomlinson, was gifted to me by Brandi Nicole Wilson – a great friend and yogini – from our Ananda Ashram gala at Jivamukti Yoga Center in 2008.  It’s moved with me a number of times.  Its potency is felt.  It hangs in my house on the Eastern wall.

As yantras are very powerful for energetically aligning a space – Vastu  – having yantras in your home or spiritual spaces can confer beautiful alignment and energy – not just with the natural world around us – but with the greater energy of our planetary system.  In yoga we try not to  only think about our position on the earth, as there is much going on in our solar system that should certainly have an effect on the world as we know it.

One of my yantra teachers from upstate New York is Mavis Gewant.  I’ve only really started a Ganesha yantra in 2008 at Mudita Yoga Center – but I can feel it’s time to continue with this beautiful practice.  So stay tuned for classes from Mavis at Yoga Illumined Studio.

Om shantih om,


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