Yoga Illumined: More than a Teacher Training

We are embarking upon the 2014 Yoga Illumined journey at Castle Hill Yoga in Austin, Texas. It seems important to note that yes, this is a Teacher Training and you will have the tools you need to begin a teaching practice when you finish the 200-Hour training. But Yoga Illumined first, and foremost, deconstructs any small picture […]

Yoga Illumined 2014 Teacher Training Meet + Greet – January 21, Castle Hill Yoga

oin Sumukhi (Kristina Lanuza) and Zoe Mantarakis for a Meet + Greet to learn more about Yoga Illumined 200-Hour Teacher Training. This training is not just for those who wish to teach Yoga, but for anyone who simply wants to deepen their practice of Yoga and see its relevance in easing day-to-day life. Yoga Illumined is designed to enhance your Creativity and Enrich your life. Find out more and join us on Tuesday, January 21 from 6-7:30 pm. Anyone who signs up on the 21st gets $300 off toward the entire Yoga Illumined program.

Join Sumukhi (Kristina Lanuza) and Zoe Mantarakis for a Meet + Greet to learn more about Yoga Illumined 200-Hour Teacher Training.  This training is not just for those who wish to teach Yoga, but for anyone who simply wants to deepen their practice of Yoga and see its relevance in easing day-to-day life.  Yoga Illumined […]

Austin, Texas: The City of Healing Light

Austin, Texas Healing, Austin, Texas therapists, Austin, Texas Massage Therapists, Austin, Texas bodyworkers, Austin, Texas resonance repatterning, Yogafly

It’s time to give a shout-out to all the wonderful healers, massage therapists, therapists, light-beings of Austin who help me keep all my bodies (koshas, sheaths – Annamayakosha, Pranaymayakosha, Manomayakosha, Vijnanamayakosha, Anandamayakosha) in alignment and flowing with light.  Do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and contact the following people.  I highly recommend everyone […]

Representin’ Austin, Texas Yoga this month in Mantra, Yoga + Health Magazine

Mantra, Yoga + Health, Mantra Magazine, Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza, Yogafly, Yoga Illumined, Brian Henderson, Talitha Wallick, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Austin, Texas. Austin, Texas Yoga Teacher Training

Mantra Mag – is out on newsstands NOW.  Zoe Mantarakis and I – along with Yoga Illumined graduates Talitha Wallick and Brian Henderson were asked by Mantra, Yoga & Health magazine what our wishes were for yoga teachers.  Here’s what we said: Talitha Wallick: I wish yoga teachers would be more playful.  This is […]

2013 Yoga Illumined Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

Yoga Illumined 2013 Graduates, Castle Hill Yoga. Standing from left, Jodie Gordon, Avalon Rehn, Elizabeth Thompson, Stacey Gilmore, Jen Hitt, Susannah Raulino, Dave Cohen, Heather Oswalt, Lexie McArtor, Julio Otazo. Zoe Mantarakis, Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza, Yoga Illumined Teachers, seated. Graciela Valverde Lee and Ixchel Melinger pictured below, Yoga Illumined,

Zoe Mantarakis and I are so delighted with our wonderful crew of Yoga Illumined graduates who spent 9 months learning and practicing the 8-limbs of Yoga as described by Patanjali – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi – with us.  Their hearts have always been luminous and will continue to shine.  Many blessings […]

Yoga Illumined – Graduate Mentorship Program

Yoga Illumined, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga life training, Yoga mentorship, Austin, Texas, Embody Yoga, Yogi, Yogini, Yoga for Life, Sumukhi, Kristina Lanuza, Zoe Mantarakis, Castle Hill, Yoga Black Lagoon, Gallery Black Lagoon

As Zoe Mantarakis and I embark on our our 4th year of Yoga Illumined Yoga Teacher and Life training programs, I would like to highlight the mentorship aspect of our program.  And thank all of our mentors over the previous two years for sharing their Hearts, souls, strength and knowledge. We offer up the opportunity to stay […]

Yogafly Playshop – Arm Balances

Sumukhi, Krisitna Lanuza, Lake Austin, Yogafly, Crow Pose, Playshop, Austin, Texas

This Friday, December 6,  at 7:30 pm, we will work on arm balances for the last of the five Yogafly Playshop series.  This class will be held at Sumukhi’s Guru Graha – for details and information, email me at Yogafly loves arm balances, of course.  Back when I was a gymnast, I loved trying to […]

Yoga for Wisdom + Truth: Ajna, 6th Chakra

The 6th Chakra, or Ajna, is located between the eyebrows in the “3rd Eye” region.  The 7 chakras correspond to the major endocrine glands in the body and the pituarity gland rests at the 3rd eye level, behind the eyes, deeply embedded at the base of the brain.  Close by, is the pineal gland.  Your endocrine […]

Ingredients for Life: Coconuts

Yogafly, Yoga Illumined, Hydration, Coconut Water, Coconuts, Asian Beauty Secrets, The Obvious

My mom told me that back in the day, in the Philippines, abundant with amazing coconuts everywhere, folks used to simply throw out the coconut water because they didn’t realize how amazing it was for hydrating the body.  The juice of the coconut.  The jugo.  They didn’t realize it was high in Potassium – Chemical […]

Yogafly Core Belief

Yoga Illumined, Yogafly, Yoga Black Lagoon, Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, Texas, Yogafly Core Belief, Kristina Lanuza

Core Belief: Everyone is a Yogi.  All beings everywhere need a deep experience of the Self in all aspects of life.    

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