Trust as Currency

I’m fascinated by the Real.  You know, not just the tangible, but the Real.  Which is why I practice Yoga – so I can discern between what is Real and Not Real.  And what I have had to learn again and again is that this thing called “Trust” is one of the greatest currencies in the world.  It’s a non-measurable currency, Trust.  But without it, exchanges of actual funds could not happen.

Guruji, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, said, “Love everyone, Trust no one.”  Which can sound pretty rough.  Trust no one?  Well, yeah.  Humans beings are a fickle Trust Creates Peace - Yogi Tea, Yogafly, Yoga Illuminedspecies.  I think he meant, love everyone, even if they change their mind a lot.   The mind’s vacillations, vrittis, fluctuations are difficult to trust because they shift with every turn of the wind.  But do love everyone even with all of the human mind’s infinite fluctuations. I do see that those whom I trust over long periods of time are usually honest about their motivations, humble about their actions and willing to see past their own individual needs into the needs of all.  And these trust-worthy people, even when they vacillate, well, they Know it.  They see themselves vacillating and rather than blame you or their Mothers for their vacillations, they stop and say, “hey check it out, the Mind vacillates!”  And then the quest for the Self begins…

Trust-worthy people waver but always come back to Center.  These friends and colleagues stick around for the long haul.  They may have petty differences and egos – and we get these are part of the Human equation, but when things need to get done, trust-worthy people, well, they roll up their sleeves and get it all done for the good of the individual and the good of one another.  And they call bullshit when bullshit needs to be called out.  And when all else fails, and we simply need to let go and release everything, we fire up the bullshit and make a Vedic fire ceremony out of it.

I happened upon this Ted Talk by Angela Ahrendts:  (a great corporate leader) on Human Energy.  She explains that Human Energy is composed of 3 things:




In Yoga Illumined Teacher Training, I see that so much of what Zoe Mantarakis (pictured with me, photo by Madeleine Tilin) and I do, is give out tools to help our students trust themselves.  Without trusting one’s own Self, no one else is trust-worthy.  I have no attachment to whether or not anyone who graduates from our program teaches Yoga (many of them do and many don’t and are happy either way).  The most important thing for me is to see all of our students learning to Trust themselves and getting in touch with their own Intuitions and Beliefs.

We exchange Trust for more Trust.  This is Trust as currency.  The moment any party takes trust out of the equation, then we end up trading Mis-Trust for Mis-Trust.  And this just ain’t good.  When this happens, we hit the Pause button.  We breathe In.  We breathe Out.  And we let go.  And let God.  In Whom We Trust.

Om shantih om,

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