“Who’s the Teacher? You’re the Teacher.”

CookingwithBrianHThere is an amazing phenomenon going on in the world:  we can all learn from each other in the blink of an eye (or the click of your mouse).  This Ted Talk by Ted Conference curator, Chris Anderson, gives such a beautiful perspective on global innovation, crowd-sourcing and the simple (and not so simple) things we can all learn from one another.   There are so many things we all take for granted as “common knowledge.”  And yet, in a world of information, “common knowledge” is often not common enough.  What you take for granted can and may open a world of opportunity for another who may not be “in the know.”

Which all leads me to this:  I don’t believe in a world of spectators.  I believe in a world of teachers.  I believe in a world of students who become the next teachers.  The world’s classrooms are not located in one spot nor in institutions any more; with video and the digital era, classrooms are everywhere.

I never forget my teachers, from the nuns at the Montessori school I went to in the Philippines and Holy Family School teachers and nuns in Quezon City who taught me science, Tagalog, English and music to Will Rogers Elementary in Houston, Texas with its musical theater curriculum. I am the sum of all of these teachings from all these wonderful beings who took the time out to show me a little dance step here, a little math over there.

Each person has something (great or small) to teach someone else.   A few simple things shared in human form, from one human to another, via Web, video, blog, classes, etcetera, can make a profound and lasting impression on not just one being, but on the entire planet.  It’s really easy to forget this fact.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfected at something before we go out and share ourselves with others.  But humanity loves humanity.  We glow in each other’s light.  We need one another.

And this “teaching” doesn’t have to come from a wise being.  The wise being is you.  The giver in all of us is the wisest teacher of all.  This wise teacher gives without needing anything in return, and therefore receives the wealth of the entire Universe.

Jai Shri Guruji.

Om shantih om,


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