Yoga, Creativity, Wealth and the 2nd Chakra – Svadhisthana

Yoga, 2nd Chakra, Svadhisthana, Yoga Illumined, Austin, Texas

Last month, as part of my 7-chakra workshop series at Castle Hill Fitness, I taught a class on Yoga and the 2nd Chakra – Svadhisthana. We moved through asanas (postures), breathwork (pranayama) and chanting (mantra) to help empower this seat of Creativity and Wealth in the body. It’s truly a powerhouse, the 2nd Chakra, one that has to be engaged on all levels: energetically, spiritually, mentally and physically.

The 2nd Chakra is located at the hips, lower back and sexual-genital area. The word “Svadhisthana” in Sanskrit translates as “sweetness” and “one’s own abode.” It is a literal and figurative HOTbed of emotions, energy, sexuality, creativity and power. The 2nd chakra is also called the Hara. For women, it includes the space for the womb, where we carry babies to birth. Caroline Myss explains that inspirations for creative ideas, businesses, artistic endeavors come in through the 7th Chakra (crown of the head) and lodge into the 1st and 2nd chakras of the body until we give BIRTH to these ideas into the world.

At the first chakra, Muladhara level, you ask your tribes (families, friends, co-workers, community) what they think about your creative idea and at the 2nd chakra, Svadhisthana level, you either give birth to your idea or not, depending on whether or not you are open to the idea. A “blocked” chakra occurs when traumas or fears keep one from manifesting one’s full potential.

If the first chakra is the seat of your relationship to your tribes, families and communities (lots of people), then your 2nd chakra is the seat of your one-on-one relationships. This is where you relate to your life partner, husband and wife one-on-one. Business partnerships between two people, like the one I have with Zoe Mantarakis (pictured), co-leader of Yoga Illumined Teacher Training are also energetically linked at the 2nd Chakra. But you also have one-on-one relationships with a lot of people – your boss, your sibling, your Mom and your Dad.

Yogafly, 2nd Chakra, Svadhisthana, Yoga Illumined

The 2nd Chakra is the seat of Finance and Monetary exchanges. Notice that most men carry their wallets and money in their pants’ pockets at the hips and women carry purses slung to hang at hip level. Its prevalent element is Water. And its color is Orange.

Svadhisthana is where you warehouse all of your creative ideas, your music, your babies: the things, life-forms, businesses you wish to “manifest” and get “funded” in the world. The 2nd chakra is where you dig in and express your musical, artistic, creative, expressive self.

It’s interesting to note that lately there are a lot of sex scandals with famous Yoga instructors – 2nd and 1st chakra imbalances manifesting all over the place. Oh scandals and the inability to manage fame, fortune, hero-worship, fans, followers! We should really try to keep these down to a minimum, now, eh? I found this article in Elephant Journal to be a particularly thorough examination of the subject – “It’s Time for Yogis to Develop Transparent and Democratic Community in Their Hometowns: some notes on John Friend and Kausthub Desikachar.”

So, ummm, yes, there’s a lot to review and work with at the 2nd chakra level – SEX! MONEY! BABIES! BOUNDARIES! – but without balancing it with all seven (7) chakras — well, we have ourselves a hot mess. So we are careful and mindful when working with the 2nd Chakra in all aspects of life, but especially in Yoga.

What are the 7 chakras?
1st chakra – relationship with your birth family, culture, tribes, communities (multiple)
2nd chakra – one-one-relationships (two)
3rd Chakra – relationship with the self or ego (one)
4th Chakra – relationship with the Hearts of All (spiritual, energetic)
5th Chakra – your seat of Choice and Willpower (ability to discern)
6th Chakra – the seat of Truth (Truth is the same across all beings, no matter the culture)
7th Chakra – Divine will (GOD)

In my classes, I emphasize the need to work with all 7 chakras on the Vertical plane (UP and DOWN): when all 7 chakras are balanced, the Kundalini shakti (expansive force of energy) flows UP and DOWN the Shushumna (spinal column, central channel). When energy flows out of each chakra horizontally, one gets depleted. As a general rule for all 7 chakras, we practice cutting chords of energy running horizontally out of each chakra into others who deplete you energetically. Get rid of all energy “vampires”.

I see the Yoga practices for the 2nd Chakra as techniques for you, the individual, to become a strong enough vessel to withstand the responsibilities of Creativity and financial Wealth. Creation myths such as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein symbolize the fear of creating something that is destructive in the world. Responsible creativity requires wisdom and the ability to see the big picture of all that you create. And financial Wealth is really all about the ability to manage money (however much or little it is). You will never be given any more than you can handle. And yes, there are ethical and unethical billionaires. Some people use money to seem more sexy – or sell sex for money – all 2nd chakra issues. What we all aim for are greater ethics and wisdom in business and finance in general.

Asanas for the 2nd chakra:
Malasana – Garland or Squat pose
Eka Pada Raja Kapothasana – King Pigeon pose
Anjaneyasana – Lunge varieties
Gomukhasana – Cow-face pose
Agni Stambhasana – Fire log pose
Bhekasana – Frog pose and variations

Pranayama for all Seven (7) chakras:
Nadi Shodhana

Seed sound for the 2nd Chakra:
Vam (Wam) – sounds like “Vum”

In our 2nd Chakra class at Castle Hill Fitness – we chanted to Sarasvati – the Goddess of Art, Communication and Music for wealth and abundance in all arenas:

Om Aim Sarasvatyai Namaha

which is pronounced something like – Om I’m Saa-ras-wat-yAH-ee Namaha

And we ended class with one of my favorite poems, found in Madison magazine long ago:


We have come together in this material age
The seer, the sayer and the naked sage

Though born to a place of worldly illusion
True wealth is within
and needs no possession

For we are nothing upon this page
But points of light in pilgrimage

On a beautiful journey of illumination
Caught in the mirror of this brief incarnation

The embodied reflections of gods’ revelations

Om shantih om,

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