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At our last Vedic Fire Ceremony and Meditation, I asked the group to dedicate part of their meditation to Syria and for peace. And I got asked a wonderful question – how do we know that our prayers work? And what is the difference between prayer and meditation?

To which I explained: Prayer is asking God for help. Meditation is listening and hearing God’s answers. And then of course Meditation goes beyond the Victim and the Rescuer idea of man and God into the realm of acceptance and deep abiding peace for all that is. Which can be difficult when we feel turmoil in the world, unrest.

I believe as the Dalai Lama teaches, as our Gurus and Thich Nhat Hanh teach – that there can be no outer peace without Inner peace. And that if we really wish to stop violence in the world, we must look at our own thoughts, actions, words and deeds. And so we work on ourselves through Yoga, meditation, therapy and healing. And we review what we co-create in the world.

What I’ve found is that I can’t see nor hear a clear answer without meditation, without silencing the chatter of the mind and the collective consciousness. I’ve also found that focusing too much on turmoil, pain and suffering does nothing to alleviate them. What we need is a greater trust in the peace within us that “Passes understanding.”

And from this presence of peace and Joy, we act in the world. We choose our words and actions with care. And we Pause. We breathe in. We breathe out. And expand.

I always bring up Padre Pio because I believe in him. He truly tested the lines between Human Will and Divine Will and his prayers were incredibly powerful and selfless. p-pioHe was asked often how to pray? How to change the Will of God?

And he would say, “Pray and don’t worry.” There’s so much that is simply beyond our control. God’s will be done. We practice the art of surrendering individual will to Divine Will. The little we do “control” (not quite the right word) include: our own thoughts, actions, words, deeds and attitude. Perhaps it’s better to say that we have the blessed ability to train our thoughts, actions, words, deeds and attitude towards the positive.

He also said “Non avere paura tutto andra bene” = do not be afraid everything will go well.

The gift of a peaceful heart and soul is immeasurable. May we all receive this gift through our spiritual, meditation and Yoga practices.

Om shantih om,

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