Yoga for Wisdom + Truth: Ajna, 6th Chakra

The 6th Chakra, or Ajna, is located between the eyebrows in the “3rd Eye” region.  The 7 chakras correspond to the major endocrine glands in the body and the pituarity gland rests at the 3rd eye level, behind the eyes, deeply embedded at the base of the brain.  Close by, is the pineal gland.  Your endocrine glands regulate a lot of things you take for granted throughout your system, such as your metabolism, sleep (or lack thereof) which affect your moods.  And your mood affects your temperament which can then directly or indirectly affect your ability to discern between truth and falsehood.

During our 6th Chakra class at Castle Hill Fitness, we focused on the power of the entire 6th Chakra, brain area, head and face to discern between truth and un-truth.  This ability to discern Truth is called wisdom.  As Caroline Myss says, “Truth is truth is truth is truth,” meaning that no matter what culture or system of belief you go to, the Truth remains the same.  For instance, “thou shall not kill” is a truth that resonates within all cultures.  “Thou shall not steal,” can be found in all spiritual texts from the Bible to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

As we moved through series of Asanas from child’s pose (balasana) – which rests your forehead on the ground to headstands (sirsasana) which inverts the body and brings more circulation to the brain, I talked about the awakening of the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye into Wisdom.  Which is a spiritual journey.

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Yoga Illumined 2013 at Castle Hill Yoga: Sirsasana, Headstand sequences.

And I spoke about the Dark Night of the Soul, which is a book by Catholic mystic and saint, St. John of the Cross.  In it, he explains, as all mystics do, that in order to find ultimate truth, or God, every single person on the spiritual path, must go through a dark night of the soul.  In Caroline Myss’ language, she explains that we must all go into madness, schizophrenia, to find light.  And this is not an easy thing to say, as we all want the spiritual journey to be easy.  To be shrouded in luxury.  To not make us uncomfortable.  And I’m not saying that we should all be beating ourselves up, not at all where I am going with this.

But we must know that we live in utter comfort, especially in the U.S., in comparison to the days when St. John of the Cross lived.  He was a Saint and a Mystic, above the rules of the elements on so many levels.  For those who are in Yoga Illumined, he lived beyond the 3 Gunas, Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.  But for us, “mystics without monasteries” (Caroline Myss’ words again) we regular ol’ people need to find ways of working with these deep mystical truths while living in the modern world and going about our daily business.

This ain’t an easy path.  But we are all up for the challenge of bridging the greatest spiritual journeys into everyday, modern life.   Which is part of why Yoga is such a beautiful science and philosophy for us all to practice and understand – because it teaches all of the tenets of mysticism, (3rd Chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on the “supernatural powers” and 4th Chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patjanjali, which focuses on Enlightenment and what exactly Nirvana and Kaivalyam really mean) and the spiritual journey which throughout the ages were only studied in monastic settings.

Today, we are all co-creating our own rules in our modern world, with our modern families.   And it’s important that we continually evolve the rules so that we can play in the world with ease and love.  Yet know that True Wisdom and Truth are ageless, timeless, and remain throughout the ages.  They don’t really change.  The scriptures don’t change, the interpreters do.  The settings change, the tools we use change, languages change, but Truth and Wisdom remain.  It’s simply up to us as individual souls to choose (5th Chakra) to abide by Truth + Wisdom or not.

We practice Yoga so that we become clearer and clearer vessels of discernment.  We align all 7 chakras so that one doesn’t dominate over the other.  When one chakra dominates over another, we become out of balance.  The practices of Yoga ensure that we remain in balance and puts all 7 chakras back in sync.

Behind Wisdom and Truth at the Ajna Chakra is Union or “Yoga” with the rest of the 7 Chakras and especially the Heart Chakra, the center of love, the Anahata Chakra.  As St. John of the Cross says:  “Where there is no love, put love — and you will find love.”

Much love, wisdom+truth,



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