Yoga Illumined 2012 – Final (And/Or Beginning) Projects

Yoga Teacher Training, for me, is like Life training and then some…after-Life…sleeping, waking, dreaming, walking, eating lives, movie-watching life, story-telling life, work-life, play-life and transcendence of Life training too.  And truly,  life is fecund, fertile and creative.  I ended up studying Biology in college and somewhere in there I realized all I was doing was studying sex and reproduction.  Human sex, pshaw!  You should see how the Insect Kingdom does it – so infinitely creative.  (Remind me to blog about Ephemeroptera – amazing things).   And the way the Plant Kingdom does it.  They rely on the Insect Kingdom.  And together, they do it all around you.  You should really check it out.  They don’t mind you watching.

But really, I wanted to blog about creativity, not sex.  Although I’m sure this blog post will hit the search engines again and again because I say sex so many times.  The two, creativity and sex, are very much entwined – in the 2nd chakra (Svadhisthana chakra, hips, pelvic area, lower back) power center of creativity, money, finances and one-on-one relationships.

For the last month of Yoga Illumined, we ask everyone to CREATE something or many things – and that this expression doesn’t have to be in written form.  And what folks come up with is always endlessly fascinating for me – because people are so amazingly creative.  And my point and Zoe’s point in all of this – is that YOUR individual expression of Yoga may be so different from the person next to you (and our lineage of Masters of Yoga) – and that it is Valid, Beautiful, and Poignant.  And Yoga may awaken something in You that may be very different from the individual I-AM next to you.


I’ve posted some photos – but really, the photos don’t do justice to the presentations that came with each one.  And the depth of love I have for everyone who plays  in this Yoga life with me.  Gigantic lights everywhere.

TalithaAnd really, there are no finals or beginnings or ends.  Just infinities playing in time and space.  So we continue the Lila – the dance of life.  May it always be endlessly creative.  This Yoga.  Om shantih.  Om Peace.

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