Yoga in the NOW – Sahasrara, 7th Chakra

The 7th Chakra (or wheel of energy) in the body is located at the Crown of the head and is named “Sahasrara” – thousand-petaled lotus in Sanskrit. It is the body’s connection to the Divine, the infinite.  It lifts us out of the mundane into the realms of the infinite pantheon of the gods and connects us at all times and in all places to the Source of All that Is.

It is an important reminder to always remain in the NOW.  Which is really all we have.  “NOW” is not measured in time and space.  The moment you try to capture “NOW” in one singular moment, you realize that it is lost.  Gone.  NOW can only be measured by infinity.  The word or sound “OM” – written here in Devanagari, the written script of Sanskrit, takes us out of measured time and space and into the Infinite.  But the Sahasrara chakra is actually represented by the infinite musicality of Silence – and all of the mantras/sounds/symphonies dive into the physical body through the crown in thousands and thousands of colors, flower petals and sound.  The NOW, represented by Sahasrara in the body, is beyond the symbol OM, is everything and anything that pours into a being.  The body then represents all that IS quantifiable and finite meeting with all that is immeasurable and non-quantifiable.  Like Love.  The great immeasurable.

May you realize the beauty of Nadam, Nada Yoga – the Music of Heaven which resides within all beings everywhere.

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