Yoga’s Body of Bliss

Ecstasy.  Bliss. Pleasure.  Delight.  Ananda.  Sukham.

Mere words until we know what they all really are.

Yogafly, Sumukhi, Yoga Illumined, AnandamayakoshaThe thing that comes up when I meditate upon the reality of “Ananda” or Bliss is the idea of Permanence.  Without permanence  (the magical vibration “OM” represents the eternal or the permanent) then everything else that we describe as “ecstatic,”  “blissful” and “pleasurable” are temporary and fleeting.  And the pursuit of any of these temporary pleasures makes “Hungry Ghosts” out of us, forever chasing after another high that will eventually flatten us with exhaustion, sickness or downright stupidity.

But the beauty that all the Yoga masters are teaching us is that there is a Bliss, there is an AAAnanda (long AAAH sound means “bliss,” short ah sound means “not-bliss”) that you ARE.  One of your 5 “koshas”, bodies, sheaths or layers as a Human Being is the “Body of Bliss” or “Anandamayakosha.”  Anandamaykosha is a presence, a deep abiding sense of total and absolute freedom, love, infinite expansion that you simply ARE.  Ananda is not outside of you, it cannot be obtained, it cannot be chased after, it is who you are.

If any spiritual or Yoga practice is worth 2 cents, it helps you tap into the permanence of Ananda within you.  And all external senses, the mind, body, feelings, thoughts are in service to Ananda – deep everlasting gobstopper bliss-love.  “Sat-Chit-Ananda” means Existence-Conscious-of-its-Own-Bliss.  You exist and therefore are conscious of the fact that your essence is Bliss.

All other pursuits of pleasure outside of this “Knowing” are simply fabulous forms of “exercise.”    You see the difference?  Exercise requires “work” and produces adrenaline and endorphins, which are hormones that flow through the body.  And then muscles get fatigued and you get tired.  Ananda – as a state of “Being” does not require you to do anything at all.  Nothing.  All you have to do is sit there, “Be still and Know I-AM that I-AM.”  You don’t need to go to the gym, you don’t need to hang upside down.  You don’t need to run around chasing after Butterflies.  You just sit there.  And Bam.  There it is.  Anandamayakosha.

But of course go to the gym and exercise.  Exercise is fantastic.  Work, adrenaline and endorphins are fabulous things! But do understand, that no amount of “doing” is ever really going to get you to achieve a goal you have already achieved simply through existing.  Exist and be Conscious of Bliss – what a fun project!  Make it a Sankalpa (an intention):  Today I’m simply going to Exist and be Conscious of Ananda, my Bliss-Body.  It may look like I’m doing umpteen million other things, but really, I’m simply in Meditation.

Om shantih om,


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